A walk around Merida, Yucatan.

I left Playa del Carmen for Cancun, where I stayed another 2 weeks before moving on to Merida. While in Cancun, I had some dental work done, thank you to Dra. Cristina Campos Hijuelos for a great job, she also happens to have an apartment for rent on AirBnB, so you can stay and get all your dental needs taken care of at the same time. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in getting some top quality dental work done while in Cancun for a vacation.


Merida is the capital and largest city in Yucatan state and the cultural and financial capital of the region. It’s a modern, cosmopolitan city with museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops and boutiques. A major centre of commerce, Merida Yucatan is considered the crossroads of the region and one of the most important places to experience the Mayan heritage.

Gran Museo del Mundo Maya



Mercado Lucas De Galvéz

Mérida’s main market is an ever-evolving mass of commerce, with stalls selling everything from panuchos (fried tortillas stuffed with beans and topped with meat and veggies) to ceviche. The chaotic surrounding streets are all part of the large market district.









Palacio Municipal



Plaza de la independencia


Catedral de Mérida

The cathedral of Merida, was the first cathedral to be finished on the American mainland, and the only one (with the exception of Santo Domingo de Guzman on the island of Hispaniola) to be entirely built during the 16th century. It is a unique monument.


Palacio de Gobierno

Built in 1892, the Palacio de Gobierno houses the state of Yucatán’s executive government offices (and a tourist office). Have a look inside at the murals and oil paintings by local artist Fernando Castro Pacheco. Completed in the late 1970s, they portray a symbolic history of the Maya and their interaction with the Spaniards.



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