I left Chichén Itzá the next day and headed to Cancun. This is another quick ride along a straight, flat paved highway, kind of boring compared to some of the mountain roads I have been on.

I will stay in Cancun for the next three weeks, doing little day trips around the area. But first I need to get some new tires, the Continental TKC 70’s are worn out, I put 15,000 kms on them. The back tire has squared off and the front has worn unevenly and is getting a little dodgy.

I ordered some new Michelin Anakee 3’s for the bike from Alecka Motors, BMW Cancun and had them installed.

I rented an apartment in Cancun using AirBnb , I have the ground floor, 2 bedroom apt.  Fully furnished, full kitchen, wifi, air conditioning and a washer, everything that you need. It’s pretty central to everything you need, good restaurants, grocery stores, taco stands and convenience stores, Walmart is about 1 km away. The owner , Cristina, is great, if I needed anything she took care of it right away. I highly recommend this apartment if you’re coming to Cancun, don’t waste your money on the tourist hotels, the money that you will save you can put towards a rental car or taxis and other activities and you’ll still come away saving money.

Since I’m not staying in the “Hotel zone” of Cancun, I decide to go to the beach that the locals use, Playa El Niño, only a 5 minute ride away. It’s nice and clean, not too busy and I was the only tourist around, the pictures were taken on a Saturday afternoon. The water is incredibly warm, it’s great!

Playa El Niño

Playa El Niño

Playa El Niño

Here are a few pictures of the typical tourist “stuff” from the hotel zone.




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