Further south into Mexico

I left Puerto Vallarta and continued south down Mexico highway 200 along the Pacific coast to the small ocean side town of San Juan de Alima.

I ended up staying at a fleabag hotel, El Hotel Parador, it was a overpriced dump, but i took what I could get. There wasn’t really a beach just a rocky shoreline. But I did manage to see a sea turtle up on the rocks, he looked in bad shape but he did get back in the water and disappear.

The next day I headed to Lázaro Cárdenas. There are some great views of the ocean from highway 200 as you travel south.

On the way down I did hit some construction and had to take the detours. Now these detours are just dirt roads they bulldoze out beside the highway that they’re working on. Some of them can be pretty rough.

The section of highway that i was on goes through some mountains and the road gets pretty twisty. It can be dangerous if you don’t stay focuced, there’s potholes in the middle of sharp hairpins turns, all kinds of animals and some really stupid drivers.

This is the section of highway that I was on.


The next day I was on my way to Acapulco, it was a great day riding!


One thought on “Further south into Mexico

  1. Sunshine looks beautiful. We’ve just hit 3 days of cold, rainy fall weather.
    Plus our local road will be under major construction for the next 3 weeks.
    Thousands of miles apart, but similar issues. 😊
    Glad your bike is back on the road. Stay safe.


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