Crossing into Mexico. Week One

I went from San Diego to Yuma to Mesa through Tombstone and onto Douglas Arizona before crossing into Mexico.

Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona

Crossing from Douglas, Arizona into Agua Prieta, Mexico was extremely easy. The whole process took about 25 minutes, including 5 minutes waiting for the guy in front of me to finish his paperwork. I think mine took a little longer because I was also towing a trailer so additional paperwork was needed for that. But over all it was smooth and easy.

This is the route that I took the first week in Mexico. There were no problems with anything. There were a few crazy detours, due to road construction, that were tricky, but over all it was without incident.

Day one turned out to be one of many long hot days of riding. I did use the cuotas (toll highways) just for the sake of running through the miles and on a bike it’s not expensive. But when the toll booth person sees my Third Wheel trailer they have no idea what to charge me for it, it’s like a alien spacecraft to them. So I was not charged for it, I was charged for 2 moto’s and some just made up some amount and let me through.

It was nice to reach Hermosillo and the hotel swimming pool! On my way out of Hermosillo in the morning I got stopped by the police. He told me that I didn’t stop at the yield sign back at the intersection. I agreed with him saying, that I had a flashing green light and a yield sign, not a stop sign and since there was no traffic coming(6:30am) I didn’t stop. He seemed confused that I agreed with him, he asked where I was going then shook my hand and said have a good day. I find it confusing here in Mexico about just when are we supposed to stop for the police, the lights are always on, even when they’re just cruising around.

Along the way there were some rough sections of highway, when I stopped for gas I noticed my GoPro was gone. The one section of the mount had snapped right off, just the two tabs were still screwed into the rest of the mount. Well, I still have two Drift ghost HD cameras right? Wrong, my older unit that I mounted on the crashbars lasted 3 days then it won’t even power on, it had been flakey for sometime now which is why I had another one already.

The next few days I rode down through Navojoa, then Culiacan and then onto Mazatlan, where I stopped for 2 days to rest.

The mandatory bucket of cerveza’s by the pool

My first week ended with me making it to Puerto Vallarta, where I stayed 2 nights. Another great beach on the Pacific coast.

2 thoughts on “Crossing into Mexico. Week One

  1. Thanks for sharing your trip. I drove down from Arizona to Rincon de Guayabitos last winter for a month. Lots of pot holes and construction.. Im looking forward to the new roads..Looking forward to your future posts. Stay safe and happy… Theresa


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