After all the natural beauty of Zion, I decided that I needed a little down time in the not so natural beauty of Las Vegas. The traffic was nuts even at 10:30 am when I got there.

To fly here from Ottawa can range from $700 to $1700 for a 3 or 4 day excursion, I’m sure most of that is air fare and taxes.

I checked (sorry Alain) and found the Excalibur Hotel and Casino rooms were only $59 a night! WHAT! I paid $68 at a cheap ass Motel 6 out in “boony ville” a few nights ago! The Excailbur is great, nice clean room, close to the airport, although you don’t hear planes while your at the hotel.

It was another 106F day out there, so when I got to LV, I headed straight to the Harley Davidson Cafe, it’s a cool bar\restaurant, the food is great.

Spent 2 days walking around, playing Pia Gow and some slots. Nice to take time off the bike after 20 days of riding.

Well, next I’m off to California…. later



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